Our Communications Consulting Services Make It Easy For You

Today, for a successful business, you need ongoing communication with your customers, employees, investors, and policymakers. But communicating across global organizations is time-sensitive and complex work. This is where Gem Comm helps leaders seize opportunities and achieve successful outcomes with a strategic and proactive approach to communications. Our full suite of communication consulting services consists of PR, brand and corporate communications, investor relations and financial communications, crisis management, content marketing, and social media. Reach your target audience with our integrated communication solutions that will create high-impact corporate visibility; supporting sales, building shareholder value, attracting capital, and establishing credibility and trust. We are expert professional communicators with in-depth field knowledge, helping you overcome critical communication challenges like a pro. We make sure your brand’s message reaches the right audience at the right time.

Who We Are

We are a Singapore-based communication consulting firm, delivering high-quality business solutions to both big and small organizations across Asia, Oceania, and the US. We are a trusted advisor to many companies and aim to bring clarity to complex situations with our specialist capabilities. We help you create and execute strategies that will drive the performance you desire. Our world-class communication solutions deliver audience-driven results that boost engagement and help you overcome financial, reputational, and regulatory challenges. We help make organizations of the future.

What We Do

Public Relations

From core research to meaningful insights, we provide you with the guidance and confidence to understand the public policy works and help you engage your stakeholders in the most targeted and impactful way, delivering results and protecting value.

Corporate Communication

Managing your critical issues while staying focused on broader business strategies is what we do to operate effectively, stay competitive, and elevate your brand. From repositioning your company, attracting or retaining talent to building your profile as a market leader, we help organizations promote their corporate narrative, giving stakeholders a reason to believe.

Crisis Management

Managing crisis through active communication and protecting your brand value and reputation with an accurate representation of facts. We identify your preparedness gaps and apply the best practices and insights to defend, recover, and manage your reputation while you focus on managing your business.

Media Relation

Helping you reach your target audience with the right message at the right time with a research-centric, audience-focused, and data-driven approach. We help you draft a pitch that gives maximum coverage around your products and services and build awareness of your brand.

Content Creation

Offering creative content solutions backed by technology, talent, and strategy that drives results and delights your audience. We create content that has the biggest impact and lets you have a strong online presence. We give a voice to your brand.

Why Companies Work with Us

  • We have the practical experience and apply expertise that generates a decisive impact
  • Our tangible working style help leaders solve complex business problems and accelerate change
  • Our comprehensive solutions address many interconnected issues faced by our clients across various sectors
  • We help businesses manage change, resolve all types of disputes, and mitigate risk
  • We use data to make smart decisions, build skills, and address gaps

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