Surviving the Odds with Crisis Communications and Management in Public relations

Gem Comm is always there for you in a crisis. No matter what industry you belong to or how carefully you handle your business, you could find yourself stuck in a complicated communication crisis. As one of the top crisis management and communications firms in singapore, we help you formulate and execute a quick response crisis management plan and help you get out of it as quickly as possible. Our strategies involve an aggressive, proactive approach, and the utmost transparency, ensuring brands, businesses, and those in public eyes are able to preserve their trust and relationship between themselves and the public. We identify issues before they become a crisis and accordingly devise our pr crisis management plan to deal with both unforeseen and predictable issues. We support our clients across various emerging issues like high-profile, high stake crises, executive misconduct, sexual harassment, data breaches, litigation, regulatory investigations, and so much more.

How Gem Comm Helps You In Crisis Management?

Our specialism in crisis and reputation management paves the way for our clients to lead and build a strong reputation. We closely monitor the risk life cycle starting with assessing, predicting, and identifying your business’ risks and setting goals for immediate remediation while being proactive to manage them all. Then we follow our 3R approach-Resolve, Respond, and Recover to successfully bring you back and out of the crisis situation.

Our Crisis Communications And Management Services Include:

Situation & Risk Analysis

We do a quick initial assessment to understand and identify the risk factors associated with your business, prioritize them, and act on them by creating a solution roadmap for a specific resolution.

Prepare and Prevent

We prepare you for different crisis situations both known and predictable with a range of study materials and playbooks, which help you take real-time decisions and reduce your enterprise reputation risks.

Live Issues Management

We become your 24/7 crisis management team and help you with on-call crisis and issues management advice followed by real-time tracking and media and social media management with immediate access.

Capability development & debriefs

We train you for better future responses, sharpen your skills, and help you develop capabilities, systems, and processes for managing future issues and crises so that you move ahead with improved plans.

Reputation Risk Reduction

We guide your communication and management actions and build a long-term base for more proactive stakeholder engagement with detailed action plans and reputation crisis strategies for your existing, emerging, and potential reputation risks.

Internal and external Stakeholder communications

We help you create a strategic crisis communication plan for prompt and effective action and manage your internal and external stakeholder communications with complete transparency and confidence so that you can communicate with conviction.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Crisis Communications and Management Services?

Crisis communications and management services involve identifying risks and threats to an organization and its stakeholders and addressing them with the right methods; risk assessment, analysis, management and response to help the organization come out of this situation.

What is the Difference Between Crisis Management and Crisis Communications?

Crisis management is the process of handling a sudden emergency situation in an effective and timely manner with an aim to minimize damage to an organization’s profits, operations, and reputation.
Crisis communications focuses on the timely gathering, coordination, and sharing of crisis-related information and opinion to interested parties as a step to protect and defend an organization facing reputation issues in the public eye.

What are the Three Phases of Crisis Management?

Crisis management is divided into three phases- Pre-crisis, Crisis Response, and Post-crisis.

What are the Different Stages of Crisis Management?

Crisis management is not a single term. It is carried out in different stages, which includes Warning; Risk Assessment; Response; Management; Resolution; and Recovery.

What Does a Crisis Management Plan Include?

An effective crisis management plan includes a crisis communication strategy, talking points, first response statements, and written communications to stakeholders.

What Do You Do in Crisis Management?

To effectively manage the crisis, it takes six important steps, which includes:
1. Anticipating the problem
2. Creating a plan for it and testing it
3. Identifying your crisis communication team
4. Establishing notification and monitoring systems
5. Effective communication
6. Post-crisis analysis

How do We Approach the Crisis?

There are six ways to approach a crisis:
1. Identify and isolate the issue
2. React quickly and communicate often
3. Take control, set the agenda, and tell your own story
4. Hire a professional
5. Communicate about the changes made
6. Proactively make an impact

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