What is Public Relations and How it is Different from Investor Relations?

Oct. 22, 2021

Public Relations:

It is the practice of managing and disseminating information from an individual or an organization to the public.

The Process of Public Relations:

  1. The brand must have proactive communication with media and customers – the messengers. This is very important to Public Relations.
  2. We build high quality relationship with key institutions communities and associations with common goals of the brand and community.
  3. Collaborate with influences, when positioning a brand, to create a positive image of the company.
  4. Public Relation will communicate brand messages to customers to build trust.
  5. Quality internal communications within the employees. Employees are the key ambassadors to the brand!

Example of Public Relation campaign:

Q&A with the founder

Public relation campaign

The founder posted an attention-grabbing headline statement, a sentiment linked to her brand. This piques people’s interest in her brand. With a search on her brand, this becomes a simple SEO backlink.

Public relation vs Investor relation

Difference between public relations and investor relations:

While public relations and investor relations are related in that they serve as a link between the firm and its respective brand and investors, they are also quite distinct.

The goal of public relations is to create and maintain a good image for a certain brand or corporation. It is constructed by initially focusing on developing relationships with the target audience – the general public. By using proactive communication, public relations hope to bridge the gap between the firm and the general public. Public Relations connects with the public through two communication services: creative events and social networks.

The largest platform for Public Relations magic is creative events. Events are the most conventional way for important audiences to interact with the brand’s universe. Social networks, on the other hand, allow the brand to obtain input from its customers. The goal of connecting on social media is to create an online community around the brand that is essential to its growth.

Investor Relations focuses on relationships development as well, although their target audience is investors. Investor Relations focuses on building an active stock market and fair market valuation. It promotes firms to investors by advising them as to whether companies are safe to invest in. Investor Relationship firms, for example, utilize press releases, investor events, and presentations for investors, where they hold waterfall investor questions. These occurrences might affect both new and existing investors. Investor Relations also maintains constant contact with current investors. Investor Relations firms are in charge of keeping investors up to date on all developments.

To summarize the comparison between Public Relations and Investor Relations, although both concentrate on developing relationships with their respective audiences by serving as a bridge to their consumers, there are still some distinctions.