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Sometimes despite having a wonderful product, organizations fail to create an impact, which can adversely affect the business. So having a strong public image is very important for the success of any business. And, PR consultancy services know this job well. Gem Comm is one such Public Relations agency in Singapore that helps businesses find their voice. Our ability to establish brand credibility focuses on building your strong online presence with stronger brand awareness so that you get more sales and create a higher brand value. We make meeting your branding expectations easy with our integrated marketing and communication strategies and leverage our expertise to shape your brands, drive business, and build loyalty amongst your target audience. With an extensive suite of comprehensive public relations services, we are well-equipped to help you achieve your publicity goals. Our mission is to provide you with quality and strengthen you as a promising brand.

Take Your Business To Greater Heights in Singapore With Us

Our enthusiasm for innovation and in-depth industry knowledge combined with media literacy makes us a renowned and trusted Public Relations consulting firm. We take a pragmatic approach to solving different public relations issues and aim to yield an output that aligns well with your business strategy based on your brand’s vision. With complete attention to the client’s needs and framing innovative campaign strategies along with creative networking, our ultimate goal is to create your positive influence wherever you go.

Our Public Relations Services Include:

Strategy and Message Development

For the success of any communication campaign, brand positioning is of the utmost importance. And, this is where our team works closely to develop strategic plans and critical messages to influence and inspire your target audience and get the desired results.

Brand and Reputation Management

We bullet-proof your corporate reputation through earned media coverage and endorsements by subject matter experts. Our comprehensive campaigns combined with classic Public Relations tactics create your positive visibility, promoting your corporate leadership and values. We convey the right brand message to strengthen your reputation in the market.

Media Relations

At Gem Comm, we make sure all media- earned, shared or owned work in sync to help our clients tell their stories through a powerful program that spurs action, influence opinion, and gets you maximum visibility. Being a core PR skill, it adds dimension to the equation.

Crisis Management

We protect brands and their reputations by preparing them ahead of time for potential reputational threats. Right from crisis planning to crisis response, we help our clients to stay prepared for everything and handle crisis situations with grace and patience.

Internal Communications

Employees being the biggest advocates and harshest critics of an organization, we develop programmes to keep them engaged and informed while understanding their concerns and needs. As internal communication experts, we work towards keeping them motivated, satisfied, and loyal to your company.

Thought Leadership

We use the right mix of strategic communication tools to promote and define your views and perspectives and enhance your position of thought leadership within the industry and help you dominate your market. We help you lift above your competitors by creating your powerful visibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is public relations consultancy firm?

A public relations consultancy firm manages the public image of an organization with the intention of changing the public’s action by influencing their opinions and achieving an overall goal.

What does public relations firm do?

The main operation of a Public Relations Company Singapore includes handling the company’s reputation through earned, owned, and shared media. It includes consistent researching, conducting and evaluating programs of action and pr communication to achieve public understanding about the organization.

Why is public relations so important?

Public relations is important in today’s time for a powerful brand presence and reputation. It helps you convey the right message at the right time to the right people, promoting brand values and strengthening community relations.

What should I look for in the Singapore PR Agency?

The following are qualities to look for in PR agencies in Singapore:

1) A good track record

2) Industry specialization

3) Customer-oriented

4) Result-oriented

5) Transparency

Is hiring a PR firm worth it?

If you are looking to increase your visibility then investing in a PR Company in Singapore is definitely worthy but if you expect your PR firm to attract new customers and double your sales, then the answer is no. You cannot expect overnight results and you too need to contribute equally to achieve success through your PR firm’s efforts.

What are the different types of PR?

There are seven different types of PR, which includes strategic communications, community relations, investor relations, media relations, internal communications, crisis communications, social media and online communications, and public affairs.

How much does a good PR firm cost?

Usually, PR agencies charge based on the number of hours per month. The cost goes as follows:

1. Retainer fees (If you are hiring an agency for a long-term with a heavier PR approach, the agency will require a retainer, whose fees ranges from $2000 to $25000 per month.

2. Project-based costs (This varies from project to project)

3. Hourly rates (Ranging from $125 to $500 or more)

4. Payment by results (This also varies)

What locations do we offer our services?

We offer our Public Relations Services in the US, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Australia, Virginia, California, Texas, New York, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, New Jersey, Washington, Utah, North Carolina, Colorado, and Tennessee.

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