Harness the Power of Social and Digital Media in Strategic Communication

Did you know 75% of consumers’ buying decisions are influenced by social networks? It clearly indicates how important it is for your brand reputation. At Gem Comm, we work towards creating goal-oriented experiences for our customers with our strategic and creative communication approach. We thoroughly analyze and pick from complex data and behaviors to turn them into compelling ideas for your business. With our key focus on PR, IR, and Social media, we help brands to stay ahead of their competitors while keeping up with their consumers. Driving awareness is what we believe in and reaping rewards in the form of real sales is what we cultivate.

How Our Digital And Social Media Services Help You Grow Your Business?

We align social media and public relations to their best potential, creating a perfect sync between the two for effective communication. Our social media strategies focus on key business objectives and combine creative marketing skills to boost your brand, and build a lasting relationship with the most important audiences of the company. We communicate your unique selling points with the best commercial pitch.

Our Social And Digital Media services include:

Content & Channels Strategies

We take a structured approach towards content creation and share it on the right channels to reap maximum benefits and wider reach. We help you gain more awareness and visibility through real-time conversations and fresh ideas, which also leads to better engagement opportunities.

Campaign Development & Copywriting

We aim to make you stand out both online and offline. And, words being the backbone of any campaign, our engaging social posts will help you stay active with a strong online presence. We will help you tell your story in the smartest way ever.

Brand Positioning

We make sure your brand stays one step ahead of its competitors. We convey just the right message to the right people with posts that are relevant, efficient, and effective, and which keeps you at the top. Positioning you as a top brand on the web is what we aim for.

Social Listening & Trends Identification

We closely monitor the latest trends, track your online conversation volume, understand your customers’ sentiments, and acquire the most genuine feedback while keeping a tab on brand mentions so that you can be their part in real-time.

Social Media Advertising

Our creative and strategic solutions will help you build your brand presence, and increase your sales and leads like never before. Gain the right attention from social media giants and bring value to your business. Achieve your goals the way you have always wanted.

Monitoring and Measurement

We believe in consistent monitoring and measuring of all the related platforms and best-performing posts to bring in the best results for your business. We optimize your social media program as per the latest trends so that you are always one step ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is social media important to a strategic communicator?

Social media plays a pivotal role in strategic communications as it helps in crafting and conveying the right message to the global audience. It lets them make more relatable and personable content for audiences, and also gives the communicator easy access to different media channels.

How do Investor Relations use social media?

Investor relations use social media to showcase news and updates, publishing reports, releasing financial data, giving briefings, driving event attendance, making announcements, press releases, and a lot of other relevant information.

How is social media used in PR?

Social media and public relations are very closely aligned with each other. Social media with its real-time messaging feature amplifies the PR activities, making them more impactful and stronger. It has led to 24/7 engagement with more friendly relations with business stakeholders. It creates new opportunities and challenges for brands, making it an integral part of public relations.

What is the difference between social media and PR?

  1. Social media includes direct marketing and promotions with an aim to return direct sales whereas PR focuses on reputation management through positive media coverage and stakeholder communication.
  2. Social media focuses on current and potential customers while PR aims to maintain a positive relationship with anyone interested in the brand.
  3. It is easy to monitor social media effectiveness as compared to public relations
  4. Social media needs a voice while public relations needs an angle.

How does social media improve public relations?

It acts as an intermediary between an organization and its target audience, creating awareness about the organization with the sole aim to create a positive impact on the audience.

How does social media best increase the power of stakeholders?

  1. Engaging more effectively by increasing the transparency of the organization, which eventually increases the satisfaction and trust of stakeholders.
  2. Creating and sharing relevant content
  3. Targeting the interest of the stakeholders

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