AURA Fat Projects

Aura Fat Projects

Aura FAT Projects Acquisition Corp, registered in Cayman Islands, is a US$115m SPAC listed on the NASDAQ Global Market. While it will not be limited to a particular industry or geographic region, the Company intends to focus its search on new emerging technology companies with an acute growth potential in Southeast Asia and Australasia in sectors such as the Web 3.0, blockchain, cryptocurrency, digital ledger, e-gaming and other new financial technology and services sectors. Aura FAT Projects Acquisition Corp brings together co-sponsors Aura Group, a financial services firm providing tailored wealth, funds management and corporate advisory solutions to clients, and Fat Projects, a dynamic team of entrepreneurs and investors with SPAC expertise. Both co-sponsors have significant technology investments, operational, mergers and acquisitions and public company experience, and a compelling track record of value creation. Aura Group’s and Fat Projects’ vision is to be the regional leader in the SPAC asset class and serialise SPAC ventures by providing growth capital and network access to some of the most promising technology-enabled companies in Asia Pacific, specifically the Southeast Asia and Australasia corridors.


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