Luminor Financial Holdings Limited

Luminor Financial Holdings Limited

Luminor Financial  (formerly known as Starland Holdings Limited) is a financial solutions business that aims to provide innovative financing solutions to SMEs across the region. Luminor Financial first started out as a Singaporean-owned and managed property developer for quality integrated residential commercial properties in China and Singapore. With an established expertise in key aspects of property development and management, the Group continues to build a strong presence and brand name for premium integrated residential and commercial properties development in Chongqing and other second and third-tier cities in China.

In 2019, the Group embarked on a transformative journey to diversify its operation into the Financial Solutions Business. Since then, Luminor has shifted its focus and expanded its service offerings into factoring, supply chain financing, and corporate advisory, particularly in Malaysia and Singapore. By tapping onto its portfolio of offerings, the Group is committed to being a leading provider of innovative financial solutions to both consumers and corporates worldwide.

1HFY2022  Results Announcement


Annual Report 2022

Recent Developments
Investment Merits
  • One-stop financing solutions to fill SME funding gaps in the region
  • Growth engine driven by higher margin financial solutions
  • Major shareholders’ interests aligned with minority shareholders
  • Attractive valuation, supported by net cash position
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(as of 22 Feb 23)

Market Cap  S$13.3m
YE 31 Dec
Key financial highlights
Key Highlights 2020 2021
Revenue (RMB m) 37.4 27.1
Gross Profit 8.2 24.8
Net Profit/(Loss) to Owners (5.9) (3.3)
Net Asset Value/ Share (RMB) 0.80 0.75
Net Cash/(Debt) 103.9 61.9