Marco Polo Marine

Marco Polo Marine

 A reputable regional integrated marine logistics company which principally engages in shipping and shipyard businesses. Tapping on its core expertise in the shipping industry, the Group is pivoting to the renewables sector, providing customized solutions in the chartering, development, fabrication, and construction of bespoke renewable energy assets for its customers.

FY2022  Results Announcement
Est 15 Feb 2023
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Responses to questions received from AGM 2020
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SGX 10 in 10
SGX 10 in 10 as at July 2021

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Stock Information
Price 0.047
Market Cap (SGDm)      156
YE 9/30/2022
Free Float % 44.6%
Key financial highlights
Key Highlights 2020 2021 2022
Revenue (SGD m) 30.8 46.1 86.1
EBITDA (1.9) 10.0 24.2
Net Profit (9.2) 14.8 22.0
Adjusted Net Profit (8.9) 3.0 13.8
Net D/E -13.6% -14.0% -33.2%
*Excludes one off gains from reversal of impairment loss on receivables, one – off gains arising from remeasurement of previously held equity interest, bargain purchase and acquisition of debt