Meta Health Limited

Meta Health Limited 

Meta Health Limited (META), formerly known as Metal Component Engineering Limited, was founded in 1987 in Singapore. With consistent focus on quality and engineering innovation, META has expanded its customer base by serving MNC (Multi-National-Corporation), EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services), and SME (Small-Medium-Enterprise) globally.

META has recently diversified into healthcare technology and services with investment into Gainhealth Pte. Ltd., a direct-to-consumer and high-growth omnichannel health and wellness platform.  Their healthcare segments now include (1) Primary & Homecare, (2) Central Pharmacy, (3) Clinical Nutrition distribution and (4) Infrastructure as a service (where they help medical institutes digitalise their operations)

FY2022  Results Announcement
15 Feb 2023

Recent Developments
Investment Merits

Proxy to the digitalization of healthcare in the region

  • Central Pharmacy facilitates the delivery of medicine for likes of clinics and nursing homes to end patients 
  • Rising user base for E-pharmacy
  • Provides platform for medical institutes looking to digitalise their operations under the IAAS segment

Clinical Nutrition Distribution to tap into the central pharmacy’s B2B network for distribution

  • Distributing to over 600 repeat customers including retailers and F&B outlets, Meta Health’s distribution arm has room for further growth as it taps into its central pharmacy’s network for cross-selling opportunities

Infrastructure-as-a-service (IAAS) segment can be highly scalable and profitable

  • in collaboration with other vendors including MedTel, Meta Health has successfully launched a comprehensive suite of software solutions to help medical institutes digitalise their operations without incurring heavy CAPE
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Stock Information
Price 0.0390
Market Cap (SGDm) 20.5M
YE 31 Dec 21
Free Float % 97.2%
Key financial highlights
Key Highlights 2020 2021
Revenue (SGD m) 32.2 43.0
Net Profit (2.0) 7.6
Adjusted net Profit/(Loss) to Owners (2.o) (1.6)*
Net Asset Value 15.3 23.0
Net Cash/(Debt) (1.5) 4.7
*Adjusted for profit from disposal of MCE Shanghai of S$9.2m