UnUsUaL Limited

About UnUsUal Ltd

UnUsUaL Limited operates as a production and promotion service provider for events and concerts. The Company provides services in staging, Sound Light and Visual (SLV) for an event and a concert, and organize and promote concerts.





2Q2020 Results
Thursday, 14 November, 1:30pm


Investment Merits
  • Proxy to shift towards experiential consumer spending with a scalable business model and high net profit margin
  • Market expansion with entry into family entertainment show
  • Reputation, track record and operational experience matters a lot
  • Strong balance sheet
Unusual Limited 
Brokerages Report Analysts Recommendation TP
RHB Download File Jarick Seet/Lee Cai Ling BUY $0.42
JP Morgan Download File Ajay Mirchandani/Utkarsh Mehrotra Non-Rated N/A
NRA Capital Download File Liu Jinshu Non-Rated N/A

Stock Information
Price 0.260
Market Cap (SGDm) 268
YE 03/2020
Earnings Release Date (Est) 14/11/2019
52 wk high/low 0.410/0.245
YTD % change -28.8%
Free Float % 20.9%
Insiders Holding 21.0%


Key financial highlights
Key Highlights 2017 2018 2019
Revenue (SGDm) 33.9 46.4 56.9
Net Profit (SGDm) 7.3 10.0 13.2
P/E 36.5 26.7 20.3
P/B 22.0 6.7 5.1
Return on Equity 60.2% 25.2% 24.9%
Net D/E -82.8% -46.1% 0.6%
Source: Bloomberg (Based on price at S$0.260)


Competition,  inability to secure new shows, poor demand for shows