UnUsUaL Limited

About UnUsUal Ltd

UnUsUaL Limited operates as a production and promotion service provider for events and concerts. The Company provides services in staging, Sound Light and Visual (SLV) for an event and a concert, and organize and promote concerts.

1HFY2022 Results
15 Nov 2021

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Annual Report 2021

Recent Developments 

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Brokerages Report Analysts Recommendation TP
RHB Download File Jarick Seet/Lee Cai Ling BUY $0.16
UOB Kay Hian Download File Llelleythan Tan/ John Cheong HOLD $0.123
KGI Download File Joel Ng/Amirah Yusoff Non-Rated N/A
SAC Capital Download File Lim Li Jun Tracy/ Lam Wang Kwan Non-Rated N/A
JP Morgan Download File Ajay Mirchandani/Utkarsh Mehrotra Non-Rated N/A
NRA Capital Download File Liu Jinshu Non-Rated N/A



Stock Information
Price 0.18
Market Cap (SGDm)       188
Free Float % 20.93%
Insiders Holding 76.88%


Key financial highlights
Key Highlights 2018 2019 2020 2021
Revenue (SGDm) 46.4 56.9 61.9 1.3
Net Profit (SGDm) 10.0 13.2 6.3 (9.7)
Return on Equity 25.2% 24.9% 10.7% NA
Net D/E -46.1% 0.5% 13.7% 30.3%


Competition,  inability to secure new shows, poor demand for shows