[Save Time, Save Money]- Shopping Habits

Dec. 01, 2021

Saving Money: Shopping Habits 

When it comes to saving money, Holidays can get a little tricky.

Here is some ways you can save.

  1. Buy in bulk:  Buy your daily used item in bulk at wholesale stores. Buy bulks during huge sales such as (black Friday sales, 11.11, etc) 

  2. Shop secondhand: Explore eBay, thrift stores, etc, and only get items you need. 

  3. Buy less: Buy fewer items, and focus on purchasing items of higher quality. As quality items cost lesser per use than items of a lower-priced as they last longer. 

  4. Compare prices: Survey the price of an item you need across the different platforms to get them at a lower price. When shopping online, always check for points or use coupon codes.

  5. Borrow instead of buying: Borrow items instead of purchasing items that you might not need in the long term. Like Books, Clothes, Equipment & Tools, etc.

  6. Make a list and stick to it: When you go shopping you will have a tendency to stray out of what you need to get. Building a list and planning the route allows you to keep track of what you need to get and sticking to it will help reduce overspending.

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