[Save Time, Save Money]- Saving Money in your Daily Life

Nov. 24, 2021

Saving Money in Your Daily Life

When it comes to saving money, your day-to-day expenses make a huge difference! Here is some way you can start!

  1. Set a monthly Budget: Use spreadsheets, budget software, or old-fashioned pen and paper to plan incoming deposits and outgoing expenses. Once you have Set your budget goal make sure to exercise the discipline needed to stick to it. (Refer to our Instagram post for previous methods that go along with this)
  2. Track your spending on an ongoing basis: Schedule a time and day each week to compare your actual spending in the month against your budget. By doing so it allows you to track where you can save on and ensure you do not overspend. 
  3. Pay for day-to-day expenses with cash: Evaluate your monthly budget, and determine spending categories you. Determine what spending categories you can switch to cash-only payments (Entertainment, dining etc). While card/ online payments can tempt you to make impulse purchases and using cash helps you stick to your budget because it limits the amount you can spend on hand.

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