Windows is a closed source system, developers of registry cleaners are not working on definitive information, but rather empirical knowledge. d3dx9_38.dll Automatic cleaners will usually have to do some guesswork. No registry cleaner is completely safe and the potential is ever present to cause more problems than they claim to fix. An unofficial utility supplied by Microsoft called “regclean” a few years back gave even more validity to the idea of registry cleaning. Yet there are many advertisements or online forums that claim cleaning your registry will improve the performance of your PC. The registry registry cleaner is particularly difficult.

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Then there’s changes made to ‘permissions management’ which all takes time to process and record (especially as more ‘Security’ sub-keys get added ). For instance, it can help optimize common background processes that gobble up system resources, such as lsass.exe and svchost.exe. In addition, it includes a utility that helps find and correct broken shortcuts and links. As an added security measure, it can even help limit ActiveX to prevent sspecurity vulnerabilities from opening up your system to an attacker. Your computer needs to go through a systematic process for turning on and shutting down. Forcing this process to go faster can cause problems with your registry. There are few things more unknown on a Windows computer than the registry.

  • To disable those notifications, go to Settings app → System→ Notifications & actions, and disable the notifications you don’t want to see anymore.
  • I will probably reinstall, but want some kind of tool to help prevent further problems.
  • You’ll see a spinning white circle with a red border while a track is in the process of being copied.

You can also just press “Windows+R” button in your keyboard to open the Run menu, type in “PowerShell” and press Enter. Though many will remember the warnings in Windows XP that “making incorrect changes can damage your system”, Microsoft has evolved a lot since then.

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The catch, however, is you need to be running Windows 10 Pro with Group Policy available/enabled as outlined above. On slide three below, you can see there are a number of updates that can be disabled.

I have also used it on my XP Pro Lenovo Z61t Laptop and did not notice any improvement in boot time or general speed of the system. I think it does a good job of cleaning up the temp files and I do use it regularly for that I have never had a problem on either machine, but I still do a backup before I clean. The registry is a Windows database that stores platform configuration settings and most software.

But if a careless customer misplaces a book, it becomes virtually undiscoverable. The more cluttered and bloated it is, the harder it is for Windows to find the references it needs. “So it seems that Registry junk is a Windows fact of life and that Registry cleaners will continue to have a place in the sysadmin’s tool chest, at least until we’re all running .